Denis is a Litchfield County native, a prolific, energized sculptor since his days in the college art department. A certificate in mechanical drawing grounded him in line and perspective. An apprenticeship in antiques restoration honed his expertise with wood and patinas. Perhaps the greatest influence on his style is the twenty years spent working and studying around the world.

It began with two years in the Peace Corps. In Fiji he lived among craftsmen and artists whose approach to creativity jolted classically trained Denis into a new way of seeing and doing. After that, his artistic receptors absorbed techniques and styles as he taught and learned about art in Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, and four years of living at the base of Mt. Pendeli in Greece.

When he ultimately returned to northwest Connecticut, Denis gathered all those experiences and worked through them until he reached the sculpture form and material that has become his unique style. It has been dubbed “triaxial construction” seamlessly welded steel or bronze. Into deceptively light and lively dancers, gymnasts, and wild and domestic animals. These delightful pieces have attracted collectors from around the country and beyond. Because their liveliness interacts so well together, it is usual for buyers to return for a second or third piece to adorn their landscape. Singer and art collector Andy Williams came back many times for a total of 24 pieces! One doctor who has returned eighteen times dubs his own property “Sculpturedale South”!

Many articles and press releases have featured Sculpturedale, including the New York Times. Yankee Magazine, HGTV, Animal Planet, and more. Google Denis Curtiss or Sculpturedale for stories and comments from visitors.

Denis and his wife Barbara are involved with rescuing dogs (Airedale Terriers are their specialty), gardening their four acres with unusual plants, and living in an 18th century farm house.